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Welcome at SLN

The first Clubnotes of the year will be printed in magazineform and sent to you together with your membership pass. The three other Clubnotes will be sent by email, if you have not received anything please provide your email address. 



The next Swap Meet is now planned for sunday the 12th of november 2023.

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Join our club, which stands for Scalextric Enthusiasts Netherlands.

For your membership of 30 GBP a year you get:

4 magazines full of interesting news about our hobby. (translations are sended by email.)

The first magazine is send to you with you membershipcard. The other 3 magazines are send by email and we hope later this year to download from our website.

You can buy our SLN yearcar.

We have every year a Slot weekend, (in april)  with one day of racing at a slot race club and a swap meet followed the next day.